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Disney’s The Lion King at the Edinburgh Playhouse

Hakuna Matata!

I’m pretty sure that this iconic motto is one of Sawyer’s favourites (Sawyer is the Golden Retriever tour guide for Wee Walking Tours). He certainly adheres to the concept of having ‘no worries’ on daily basis, and we strive to follow his example. He also knows how to have fun. For those of you who follow us on our various social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), it’s no secret that Sawyer loves to do cosplay. In fact, one of our absolute favourites was his ‘Jedi Sawyer’ cosplay. At first it seemed he was a dark Jedi, but the force was strong with him and good prevailed.

Did Dark Sawyer Jedi prevail?!
No worries- the Force is strong with this one!

Anyway, back to the task at hand- Sawyer’s most recent costume change was for his visit to the Edinburgh Playhouse. That’s because he wanted to try out for a role in the hit show- Disney’s The Lion King. Understandably, dogs are not allowed in the Playhouse (unless they are service dogs). Nevertheless, Sawyer put on his costume and gave it his best shot as a lion just outside the theatre. We may be biased, but he sure looks like an adorable lion cub to us. What do you think?

Of course, the real Edinburgh cast of The Lion King are superb, and if you want to see some of the most original and innovative costumes and puppets- you must get your tickets to this award-winning show. It will be showing at the Edinburgh Playhouse until the 18th of April- so check their website for more information.

We were fortunate to attend a show last month, and it’s an experience I will never forget. The backdrop of the exquisite Edinburgh Playhouse made the experience all the better. The Lion King is, by far, one of the most creative stage shows I’ve ever seen. Julie Taymor’s costume and puppet creations are indeed something to be celebrated. Throughout the show, I marveled at the incredible innovativeness on display, and I continue to do so today. There were classic characters we all know and love such as Simba (young Simba was positively charismatic), Timon, and Pumbaa. The music filled the theatre with its well-known rhythms and lyrics, and I couldn’t help but find myself moving along to the beating drums. Thandazile Soni's performance as Rafiki was simply stunning and her clear, strong, and magnificent voice brought chills as she sang the 'Circle of Life' opening number. Overall, I (and those around me) left the theatre with a wonderful sense of joy and happiness. That is the power of storytelling and Disney always goes above and beyond in that realm.

Regarding the costumes, we were able to see them up close at the Gyle Shopping Centre when they were on display last November prior to its current run at the Playhouse. It was a fascinating wee exhibition that also discussed some of the techniques that were involved in making the costumes. For example, regarding the costume fabrics, it pointed out how they used, "screen-printing, hand-painting, tie-dying, block printing, digital printing, weaving, beading, intricate create the rich texture of the production". Additionally, from an anthropological standpoint, it is important to note that masks hold a very important place in many African cultures. Therefore, it was nice to see the thought and care that went into creating something meaningful. Here are some pictures from the exhibition for you to enjoy:

We are incredibly lucky to live in a city that has top-notch shows on a regular basis at the Playhouse and other theatres as well. In fact, Edinburgh Playhouse deserves a stand-alone article. So, stay tuned for a future post highlighting this architectural gem and its fascinating history.

The beautiful ceiling of the Playhouse lobby.

So, when you next visit Edinburgh for a show, be sure to also book a walking tour with us. Our little ‘lion king’, Sawyer, will be thrilled to guide you around his ‘kingdom’.

Until next time- Explore & Discover!

*Update- 19 March 2020: Due to COVID-19, all shows at the Edinburgh Playhouse have been suspended. Please check their website for more information.

'Look, Simba...I mean Sawyer. Everything the light touches is our kingdom'.


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