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Explore & Discover

Wee Walking Tours is a small, family-run business. Our motto is to explore and discover. We believe that our Edinburgh walking tours are a perfect way for you to discover all this beautiful city has to offer.


We also understand the importance of providing quality walking tours- what we call 'wee walks'. Sami is a former university history professor with extensive experience. He is sometimes assisted by Sawyer, our Golden Retriever tour guide, making our walking tours truly a family affair. Sawyer brings joy to visitors and residents of Edinburgh whenever he is out on the town.

We've tailored our wee walks with you, the traveller, in mind and know that you want experiences that are personalised and memorable. In other words, not scripted.  Therefore, even our scheduled daily tours are always a little different. Our mission is to help you explore Edinburgh and make memories that will last a lifetime. Join us!

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