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Welcome to Wee Walking Tours

After a great deal of work building our walking tour business and getting it ready to 'go live' I’m excited to be posting our first Wee Walking Tours blog post. Let the journey begin…

Who We Are

Wee Walking Tours is a family-run business here in Edinburgh and we provide scheduled and private walking tours. While we are an international family who has lived throughout Europe and North America, we take pride that we are now locals of Edinburgh. We love this city and Scotland and want to share our passion with others.

This Blog’s Purpose

As I’m sure most people do when they start a blog, I have many plans, hopes, and expectations. Certainly, I see this process as a journey. An adventure. After all, our motto here at Wee Walking Tours is “Explore and Discover”.

So, at this point, you might be asking yourself, what is the purpose and plan for this blog? Simply put- I want the Wee Walking Tours blog to help us tell some of our stories- some sweet and short and others more elaborate.

Edinburgh and Inspiration

Edinburgh is filled with such grandeur and is truly a classic beauty. It’s not surprising that one of its nicknames is “Athens of the North”. The incredible stonework and architectural marvels throughout the city take one’s breath away and it’s as if the stones whisper their secrets to those who listen carefully enough.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that many authors have been inspired by their time in Edinburgh. It is the city where the Harry Potter stories came to life. It is also the city that nurtured the mind and soul of the man, Robert Louis Stevenson, that created stories such as, Treasure Island, that I cherished in my childhood and still greatly influences me and many others today.

Join Us

Edinburgh is a city that has so much life breathing through it- past and present. Let us here at Wee Walking Tours help you explore and discover all it has to offer.

Join me each week as I blog and indulge my love to tell stories. Storytelling is a Scottish tradition and I suppose that is why I feel so at home here in this mystical and wondrous land.

We hope you will feel the same if you are fortunate to visit our lovely city in the North. If you do, please get in touch, as we would love to show you around on one of our wee walks and know that you have friends here in Edinburgh.

Adventure awaits!

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