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Soaring to Exciting Heights at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena

Some of you may wonder what the Wee Walking Tours family does on our days off. Well, when you can’t walk the streets of Edinburgh, you go climbing the walls at Europe’s largest indoor climbing arena of course.

We’ve covered some well-known visitor attractions and beautiful locations here in Edinburgh. However, this week’s article is a little different because we explore the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena (EICA). It might be known by some Edinburgh locals, but it isn’t discussed as much in the typical visitor information forums. Therefore, we want to bring awareness to this fantastic facility and all it has to offer both locals and visitors of Edinburgh.

Fun for All Ages & Abilities

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena is located on the west side of Edinburgh in Ratho and is accessible via car or the Lothian Bus 20 service. Check the EICA website for more information and specific directions.

What is wonderful about the EICA is that it really is accessible for all age groups as there is so much to do; it is an Edinburgh Leisure venue and offers a variety of activities for all fitness levels, which I’ve outlined below. However, you do not need to have a membership to Edinburgh Leisure (although that certainly is a benefit for locals) to visit the EICA. All the activities are available for single or multiple day visits- making it convenient for visitors to Edinburgh as well. You can peruse their options online or discuss them in-person.

For those interested in the usual indoor climbing activities, EICA offers an array of top rope and lead climbing routes to explore for climbers at variable experience levels. You can scale the wall up to 28m high and the grades range from 2 to 8b. There are also plenty of opportunities for climbers looking to hone their bouldering skills as there are three large bouldering rocks in the main arena as well as a room devoted to bouldering.

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena is also a haven for children and their families. Little ones, from babies up to children 10 years old, can visit the soft play area, Scrambles. This area is divided into zones that are appropriate for each age group. It’s a great place for kids to be able to have fun, play, and get some exercise (which is especially nice during the colder season).

For children (and adults) looking for a little more adventure, they can check out the Clip ‘n Climb adventure area. This area is open to individuals ranging in ages from 4-84 and is appropriate for beginners; age should not be a factor holding anyone back on trying out this exciting section of the EICA. Bookings are required for the Clip ‘n Climb area so make sure to check online for times and availability prior to heading out.

If you are looking to work on your overall fitness, EICA also provides a gym and a fitness studio with an assortment of classes.

And for those looking to relax and perhaps watch other family members enjoying the activities, the EICA has a lovely café with scrumptious treats, coffee, and light meal options for children and adults. You can sit at one of the tables and look out at the main climbing arena because the viewing area encompasses the entire wall. Of course, the café is also a nice option for participants who might want a break from the action.

Top-Notch Competition Location

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena is also a world-class facility for international competitions. In fact, it will host the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) 2019 European Championships from 4-6th October.

Walk and Climb

So, if you are looking for more adventure after you explore Edinburgh city centre with us on one of wee walking tours, make sure to check out Edinburgh International Climbing Arena. That way you can see for yourself just how much fun it is.

Until next time- Explore & Discover!

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