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Welcome Home, Arthur!

You’ll have to excuse our recent absence from blog posts and social media. You see, we have been busy preparing for and settling in with the newest member of the Wee Walking Tours’ family. Meet- Arthur!


Like Walter (who is named after Sir Walter Scott), Arthur is also named after a famous Scottish writer- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And, while Walter may be our little ‘commander’, Arthur is already living up to the origins of his name as our wee Golden fluffy ‘bear’. We are so happy that Walter and Arthur are biological brothers (they share the same dad), and it will be wonderful to watch as they grow together and develop a bond.

Arthur is already starting to settle in nicely as he adapts to his new surroundings and a very excited big brother. Walter has already been very keen to play with Arthur and they’ve had some adorable play sessions. Of course, all that playing and exploring is hard work and Arthur enjoys his nap times as well.

As you can imagine, we are going to be very busy with puppy training- especially for the next several months. However, be assured that we will still be publishing our blog articles on our travels around Scotland (past and present). And we will also try to post photo updates of Walter and Arthur on our social media channels as much as possible. Therefore, be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter/X, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, YouTube, and TikTok.


Until next time- Explore & Discover!


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