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The Mary Queen of Scots Visitor Centre

Being one of the most famous people in Scottish history ensures that Mary Queen of Scots is a frequent guest on our blog. One of my favourite articles I’ve written about Mary is the one where I tried to humanise a legend. We’ve celebrated her birth at Linlithgow Palace, shared how she spent Christmas at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and mourned her infamous imprisonment at Lochleven Castle. However, we aren’t the only ones who enjoy sharing our interest in Mary.

If you're a history buff, a fan of royal intrigue, or just looking for a fascinating day trip in Scotland, look no further than the Mary Queen of Scots Visitor Centre. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the life and times of one of the most intriguing monarchs in Scottish history. So, join us as we head to Jedburgh in the magnificent Scottish Borders and celebrate all things, Mary.

Jedburgh is a former royal burgh which ensured its important role in the Kingdom of Scotland. We have visited the town on a number occasions, and are fortunate that our beloved Sawyer, Finn, and wee Stirling were able to visit before they crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Therefore, while it is bittersweet, we faithfully continue our mission to keep their legacies alive by sharing their adventures around Scotland whenever we can.

One of the main historical sites Jedburgh is now known for are the ruins of the Abbey.

Just a short walk from the Abbey is the Mary Queen of Scots Visitor Centre.

Let’s start our virtual tour outside. Fortunately, dogs are allowed on the grounds of the Visitor Centre and our boys thoroughly enjoyed exploring the picturesque gardens.

The Mary Queen of Scots Visitor Centre is dedicated to the life and legacy of Mary Stuart, the Queen of Scotland (1542 to 1567). The exhibitions inside offer a wealth of information about Mary's life, from her ascension to the throne as an infant, to her tumultuous loves and political manoeuvrings, to her tragic execution at the hands of Queen Elizabeth I. Let's head inside.

Mary Queen of Scots visited Jedburgh in October 1566. The first house where she and her court were lodging, caught fire, and they had to move to the house that is now the Visitor Centre. It has changed a great deal since Mary’s time, but we are fortunate of her connection to the building as it is most likely the reason it was never torn down.

Visitors can see a wide range of artefacts related to Mary, including her personal belongings, letters, and portraits. In fact, as there is so much history to see and learn at the Centre, this article just provides a bit of a wee glimpse of our time there.

The various displays situated throughout the house allow visitors to experience what it was like for Mary during her life.

As well as her tragic death.

Overall, the Mary Queen of Scots Visitor Centre is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Mary and the history of Scotland. With engaging exhibits and fascinating artefacts, it's the perfect place to learn more about Mary's engrossing life and legacy. There’s much more to see and learn in person. Therefore, be sure to plan a visit to the Centre and step back in time to the world of Mary Queen of Scots.

Until next time- Explore & Discover!


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