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Happy 1st Birthday: Stirling brings the party to Stirling!

This week we return to the blog to celebrate a particularly exciting event- our wee Golden Stirling’s first birthday! And what better way to celebrate than to bring the youngest of the Wee Walking Tours’ canine crew to his namesake, Stirling. While today is Stirling’s actual first birthday (don’t worry, there are photos of his party at home later in the post), we decided to do his big celebration a few days early to take advantage of the beautiful, Scottish weather.

Stirling has grown up quite a bit since you last saw him on the blog- all the way back in July 2021! That was his very first castle visit to Craigmillar Castle when he took over the blog post duties for the day.

For the visit to Stirling, our Black Labrador, Finn, stayed home as he prefers quieter visits to his favourite local spots over busy out of town sites. Therefore, with our Golden Retriever tour guide, Sawyer, and wee Stirling in tow, we set off for our ‘Golden’ journey to Stirling. This post will be brief, but we wanted to share some of the lovely photos from Stirling’s wee adventure. Of course, if you are looking for more general information and the history of Stirling Castle, please be sure to check out our previous article, ‘Stirling Castle: From Medieval Fortress to Renaissance Palace’.

The day’s adventure started with a wee roam around the grounds of Stirling Castle.

Sawyer and Stirling continued their exploration to various places surrounding Stirling Castle. Below is a shot of them visiting the Old Town of Stirling at Cowane’s Hospital (a 17th century almshouse).

They paid their respects in the kirkyard of the Church of the Holy Rude.

Fortunately, Sawyer and Stirling are two very good boys so they didn’t have to stay at the Old Town Jail.

If you look in the distance, you can see The National Wallace Monument behind Sawyer and Stirling.

Spring has officially begun in Scotland and there are delightful reminders all around.

Stirling may be the tour guide in-training, but Sawyer is still the King!

With our travels behind us for now, we can officially let the birthday celebrations begin. Happy 1st Birthday Stirling!

With the Wee Walking Tours canine crew's bellies full of peanut butter pupcakes, we will end our post for now. Be sure to subscribe to our blog as we will be returning to Stirling and doing more in-depth posts on various places throughout the town as well as more travels around Scotland of course.

Until next time- Explore & Discover!


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