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Mini Golf Adventure at Volcano Falls Edinburgh

Fresh on the heels of Europe’s crushing defeat at the Ryder Cup, the Wee Walking Tours family set out to practice and get ready for the next one by playing 36 rounds of golf….mini golf that is. Join us as we enjoy a day of adventure golf at Volcano Falls Edinburgh.

Having previously lived in Munich, Germany, the Wee Walking Tours family loves Oktoberfest. After all, Finn and Sawyer have their very own lederhosen that they enjoy wearing every year. Therefore, we were happy to see that Volcano Falls has their own special Oktoberfest celebration going on right now!

Before we decided to take on the two 18-hole courses, we needed to fuel up first. The menu at Volcano Falls is family-friendly and offers some classic fare. We chose the ‘Dirty Dog and Fries’ and the ‘Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Fries’. Both meals were great, but obviously we wanted to take part in the Oktoberfest celebration. However, we devoured our Bavarian pretzel before we had a chance to take a photo.

Fueled and energised, we headed over to the reception area and collected our scorecards. As we made our way down to the mini golf courses, we were quite impressed with the fun theming throughout.

We chose our clubs and picked up a handy ‘cart’ for our bags and jackets. We then had to decide whether we wanted to go to Volcano Valley or Skull Falls.

As it has been quite a long time since we last played, we decided to start on the easier course- Volcano Valley. We got off to a cracking start with one of us getting a hole in one (hint: it wasn’t Sami😉).

The first few holes were a nice way to get warmed up, but we soon realised we were heading into dinosaur territory! Despite the scary dinosaurs, and the holes getting a little harder, we took some comfort in the fact that even the dinosaurs were getting into the Oktoberfest mood with their festive hats.

After our first competitive round was drawing to an end, we made it to our final hole which gave us the opportunity to try to win a free round of gold. Unfortunately, we missed out on winning that.

Nevertheless, we were ready to continue and make our way to the more difficult, ‘Skull Falls’ course to take on the next 18 holes.

Even though Skull Falls is more challenging, we were clearly getting into our groove (with both of us scoring some hole-in-ones) and improved our scores from the Volcano Valley course. This proves that with hard work and practice, we’re confident that Europe can be more of a competitive challenger in the next Ryder Cup.

We missed out on our hole-in-one chance for a free round on our final hole but decided to still celebrate the end of our mini-golf adventure with dessert. The Volcano Falls café also has a great selection of Porrelli ice cream with options for regular scoops or sundaes, as well as Lavazza coffee.

For those interested, they also offer a fun selection of adult beverages at their ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ bar.

If you are looking for a fun afternoon or evening out, we highly recommend you visit the Volcano Falls Adventure Golf centre here in Fountain Park, Edinburgh. The staff were super friendly, and we want to say a special thank you to Amanda who was very helpful throughout our visit. Check out their website for more planning information including online booking options.

Until next time- Explore & Discover


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