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Sawyer's Supernatural Surprises on the Trail of Witch Corner at Abbotsford

As the sun sets behind the tall trees, a trail in the woods comes alive with the sounds of cackling witches, mischievous fairies, cunning goblins, eerie ghosts, and mysterious elves. Welcome to a world where magic and mystery intertwine, where the supernatural beings of the forest roam free and the veil between the natural and the supernatural is thin.

In this blog post, our legendary Golden Retriever tour guide, Sawyer, will take you on a journey through the Trail of Witch Corner at Abbotsford (the home of Sir Walter Scott). On this enchanted woodland trail, every turn reveals a new surprise and every shadow hides a secret. Keep your wits about you, for you never know what creatures might be lurking in the shadows. Are you ready to explore the realm of the supernatural? Then let's begin our adventure!

As a Golden Retriever who loves to wear costumes, I always look forward to the Halloween season. It's the time of year when my family decorates the house with spooky decorations and carve pumpkins. I love to watch them work and eagerly wag my tail as they hang up cobwebs and put out fake spiders.

I especially love to get out and see all the Halloween decorations and take part in seasonal activities. Who doesn’t love the idea of trick-or-treating?! Sure, I can’t have human candy, but mom and dad always make sure to give me plenty of my special treats. They know how much I love Halloween and how much I love to be included in the festivities. Therefore, I was thrilled when my mom and dad told me that they had a hauntingly good surprise for me. I jumped for joy when I found out we were going to one of my favourite places to go for a walk- Abbotsford. However, this wasn’t just a picturesque stroll we were undertaking, we were going to venture into the dark glen and the Trail of Witch Corner!

As we are regular visitors (and season pass holders) to Abbotsford, my mom and dad get email updates from them. They had been talking about this mysterious Witch Corner for a few weeks now, and, I was eager to go check it out for myself. You see, I like to think of myself as a bit of a superhero. This is due to my extraordinary senses that I often use when I’m out and about on the streets of Edinburgh or travelling around Scotland. While I was a bit nervous at the thought of coming face to face with a witch or goblin, I knew I needed to help my mom and dad find their way safely through the Trail.

So, we packed into the car and headed off to the Scottish Borders. For those who don’t know, one of the most beautiful drives in Scotland can be found along the A7- the road that takes you to the Borders. I had a wonderful time looking out the window at all the beautifully coloured leaves highlighted by the autumn sun. I also said hello to the many sheep friends I saw as we made our way along the winding road.

Once we got to Abbotsford, I happily leapt out of the car and was ready for my latest Halloween adventure. The lush greenery and beautiful architecture of this historical house and grounds are always a sight to behold. I have been here many times, but I always find something new to see or sniff. I have a special place in my heart for Sir Walter Scott as Dad loves to tell stories about him on our Edinburgh walking tours and I happily guide visitors to some of our favourite spots connected to the literary legend. I also have a deep respect for Sir Walter Scott as he is known for his love for dogs. In fact, below is a picture of me visiting him and his beloved Maida in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh.

Before we made our way to Witch Corner, we took a relaxing wander about the grounds and gardens. Of course Dad couldn’t resist taking photos of me and I happily posed (I am a celebrity after all😉). If you would like to learn more about the house, my parents have written both a general article and one on Christmas at Abbotsford.

After our satisfying garden walk, I was ready to delve into something a little more otherworldly and perhaps a bit supernatural. Now, I don’t want to ruin all the fun sights to see at Witch Corner for those who would like to visit in person. Therefore, I’ll just recount some of the highlights of my daring mission into the glen.

Right away, I knew I was in for a spooky Halloween treat as my dad read a sign explaining what Witch Corner was all about. Apparently, ‘Witch Corner’ is “named after an area of Scott’s library containing 250 rare books on witchcraft, magic, folklore, and superstition. The trail brings Walter Scott’s passion for the legends of the Scottish Borders to life.” Just more reasons why I love Sir Walter Scott- he also appreciated ghost stories, myths, and legends- just like me and my family!

The Fairy Ring.

The Fairy's Tale

I spotted a goblin along the trail!

I found some fairy gold. I was hoping for a souvenir, but Dad said we it would be bad luck to take any.

What is this strange white stag and skeleton...are they ghosts?!

Things are starting to get quite spooky!

I think I've ventured into Goblin Glen!

Just playing it cool and trying not to attract the attention of the witches' coven as I pass through.

I found the throne of the Elf-King, but I don't see him anywhere. Someone should tell him I'm the real king of the glen!

It looks like I've safely made it through Witch Corner!

I hope you have enjoyed my wee tale of the supernatural surprises I experienced at Witch Corner. If you are in the area, I highly recommend that you visit Abbotsford in person. There is so much more to see and do both in the house and on the grounds. Also, please note that while I attended the special Halloween version, Witch Corner is available year round. Check their website for more information on how to best plan your trip.

If you liked hearing stories from my canine perspective, you can also read my past articles on Culross and my Snow Day in Edinburgh. Please follow along with my adventures in Edinburgh and around Scotland by following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Until next time- Explore & Discover!


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